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Investeringen voor wederopbouw en economisch herstel in Roemenië

Romanian officials state that Romania will receive EUR 79,9 billion from the European Union for economic recovery and development of country's infrastructure.

The money wilL be used to build hospitals, schools, to modernise the public systems, as well as for post-pandemic economic re-launch.

Additionally, European funds of EUR 118 million will be invested for reconstructions and modernisation works and feasability studies for ten major railway, water and road infrastructure projects.

The Romanian authorities expect that the economy will rebound quickly in 2021. Some macroeconomic analysts and experts state that the Romania's economy has the potential to grow at an annual average of over 2.5% in 2020-2022 interval.

Investments and consumption are expected to be the main drivers of economic growth. The Worldbank has reclassified Romania as a high-income country from the upper-middle income category after incorporating 2019 data.

(source: zfenglish.com)

7 augustus 2020