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Why source from Flanders

If you are looking for quality, craftmanship and a standard of excellence, you will find it in Flanders. And thanks to Flanders' location at the heart of Europe, its superb transport infrastructure and unique workforce, these products and services are delivered to you in no time. That makes Flanders the n°1 export region in the world.

Quality products and services

We export hundreds of beers and send our witlof to New York. We make the best pills for headaches and the most delicate chocolates. We design the finest lingerie and cut the most sparkling diamonds. We build the biggest screens and podiums for the world’s greatest events. We spin and weave for in and outside, extra-large or small in metal, plastics or textiles. 

We deliver heavy-duty machines and sophisticated medical transplants. We create new islands in the sea and build the highest towers. We assemble world-famous cars and bikes for all purposes. We make scientists and craftsmen think out of the box and give answers to new challenges. We are champions in recycling giving our resources seven lives.

Highly skilled workforce

These quality products and services are produced by the biggest asset of the Flemish economy: the workforce in Flanders.

They not only rank among the world’s most highly educated, loyal and productive workforce, but they are also well-known for their high level of linguistic skills: many speak up to four languages, English included.

Outstanding transport infrastructure

Flanders' location at the heart of Europe and its world class infrastructure allows for fast transportation of both goods and people. 

Although Flanders is rather compact, it features four world-class ports, the most concentrated waterway network in northern Europe, three airports for cargo and passengers, and an extensive rail network for national and European destinations.

Open and export oriented economy 

Belgium -  and Flanders as a region - has the third most open economy in the world, according to the 2016 KOF Index of Globalization. 

International trade is a cornerstone of Flanders' economy, making the region a strong backbone for exports and imports worldwide.