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20 October 2017
From Sunday 22 to Thursday 26 October 2017, HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium is presiding over the Belgian economic mission to Ivory Coast. The mission includes a delegation from Flanders—which consists of 60 company leaders and representatives from Belgium’s northern region and is led by Philippe Muyters, Flanders’ Minister of Work, Economy, Innovation and Sports.
3 October 2017
On 3 October 2017, Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) signed 17 structural collaboration agreements with partners.
25 April 2017
2016 was an excellent year for pharma in Belgium in terms of exports, R&D and job creation.
24 April 2017
Three living labs enables to test the newest tech developments under real-life conditions.
24 April 2017
Cargill and logistics company Zuidnatie are building a new logistics platform at the Port of Antwerp.
19 April 2017
International trade data for 2016, freshly released by National Bank of Belgium (Institute for the National Accounts) and given a preliminary analysis by Flanders Investment & Trade, indicate that annual exports from Flanders rose to EUR 302.4 billion in 2016, a new record value. However, total trade imports into Flanders dropped slightly to EUR 284.9 billion.
21 March 2017
In a recent investigation, De Tijd zoomed in on the logistics industry and e-commerce in Belgium and Flanders as a region. “Numerous international companies organize their e-commerce activities from a base in Belgium,” the business journal reports. Here are some of the case studies it highlighted.
17 March 2017
In the future, new technologies and digitization will play even bigger roles in industry and lead to smarter production, services, goods and logistics. Inevitably, this will have a significant impact on Flanders-based enterprises, their business models and their personnel.  Sweeping changes A survey of 2,000 companies in 26 different countries performed by financial consulting services firm PwC shows that increasing digitization could lead to a rise in turnover of 2.9% and a decrease in costs by 3.6% per year in the next 5 years.
17 March 2017
In 2017, Belgium claims 6th place, doing particularly well in terms of connectivity and the integration of digital technology. Every year, the Digital Economy & Society Index (DESI) ranks European Union member states based on their digital performance and competitiveness. The European scoreboard
9 March 2017
68% of the companies in Flanders launched an innovation.