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Johnson & Johnson (US) invests in state-of-the-art lab in Flanders

Janssen Pharmaceutica, part of American pharmaceutical firm Johnson & Johnson (J&J), will pump no less than EUR 42.8 million into the LION-project (Labs-In-One-Network) in Beerse, Flanders. In 2020, the departments of Small Molecule Analytical Development and Pharmaceutical Sciences can work there in their new LION campus.

Testing, testing

The Small Molecule Analytical Development and Pharmaceutical Sciences departments perform quality tests on new pharmaceutical drugs, test the release of active ingredients, verify the stability of new medicines, and develop optimal ways of administering  the medication. As such, the departments are of crucial importance to the support of Janssen Supply Chain (JSC) and a focal point of its Global Public Health organization.

Vital part of J&J

Stef Heylen, Managing Director of Janssen, is excited: “The fact that Johnson & Johnson is giving Janssen the green light to invest this heavily in Beerse highlights the importance of our Flanders-based company

Both the R&D- and production departments will benefit from this. It’s definitely a major step in prepping our campus for the future, and also strengthens the positon of our production departments.”


Centralization creates more synergy

onstruction started in 2016, and the 10,400-m2 building will be operational in 2020. No fewer than 250 scientists, laboratory workers, management staff and supporting employees will work there. They are currently still divided over several sections across the campus, but will be centralized for activities pertaining to the development of existing and new medicines in what will be a state-of-the-art laboratory.

6 March 2017