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Flanders’ logistics industry

Why Flanders is a logistics success story in the heart of Europe, and how this benefits your business.

For many years now, Flanders has held the number 1 spot on the leaderboard when it comes to European logistics operations density. Centrally located in Europe, the region has built up unprecedented logistics expertise over the last several decades — just ask the companies that rely on its prime location and excellent infrastructure. To top it all off, Flanders is home to about 800 European Distribution Centers. Discover why the region is Europe’s best base for your logistics and distribution operations.

European distribution centers in Flanders

Prime location for logistics

The speed and cost at which a business can distribute its goods throughout Europe and beyond are crucial to its success. Flanders is located close to all major European industrial and consumer markets, making it an ideal logistics hub. 

A finely-tuned logistics ecosystem

Found at the heart of Europe’s core economy, Flanders provides the right location and the right infrastructure for your logistics business. In short: it’s a thriving and unparalleled logistics ecosystem.

Innovative expertise

While logistics is a traditional strength of Flanders, it is also one of our most innovative industries. Key focus areas include:

All the talent at hand

Flanders’ workforce meets the needs of a modern, competitive, knowledge-based logistics industry. Flanders offers:

  • a large pool of multilingual, highly educated, loyal and productive workers;
  • a flexible and favorable employment framework backed by the Government of Flanders. Flanders allows work during weekends and nights and has one of the easiest procedures to get a work permit.

Strategic focus on logistics in Flanders

The logistics industry plays a key part in the strategic cluster policies for new growth in Flanders. The region has a strong international specialization in value added logistics. This spearhead cluster reinforces Flanders’ intermediate position within international value chains, which connects the region to larger economies. 

Internationalization of logistics

The Government of Flanders also outlined an internationalization strategy for the economy of Flanders. In this strategy, logistics is one of 5 strong value chains that will be further enhanced.

Did you know…

  • ... IBM’s Global Location Trends report 2015 ranked Flanders number 1 in logistics investment by estimated number of jobs in Western Europe? For the past few years, transport and distribution activities have become the prime job creators in Flanders, making logistics the dominant sector for foreign investments.    
  • … within 750 km around Flanders, you can find:
    • 227 million consumers?
    • 75% of the EU gross national product?
  • ... within 500 km around Flanders, you can gain access to:
    • 60% of Europe’s purchasing power?

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