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Unwrapping Flanders’ food ecosystem

Discover Flanders’ ecosystem of organizations dedicated to food know-how, research business incubation, and more.

In addition to its richness in resources and ideal test market, Flanders gives your food company to access to a close-knit business and knowledge ecosystem. How? By enabling you to tune in to these sector-dedicated organizations for expertise, research, industry clustering, business incubation, and more. 

Know-how and research

Universities and university research centers

  • UGentFood2Know is a center of excellence for feed, food and health, and is comprised of scientific experts within Ghent University, University College Ghent, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Antwerp University and ILVO.
  • KULeuven – The Leuven Food Science and Nutrition Research Center (LFoRCe) combines top-notch expertise in the feed, food and health domains from 30 research teams of Leuven’s University, spread across 12 Departments in Science, Engineering & Technology, Biomedical Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • UAntwerpen – The research group NatuRa (Natural Products & Food Research and Analysis) of Antwerp University has unique expertise in the areas of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Medical plants and Nutraceuticals.
  • VIVES – This new college is the result of the cooperation between university colleges KATHO and KHBO. Its LED Nutrition initiative ensures that expertise in recipe development and product analysis, for example, is easily accessible. It’s also home to a professional tasting lab that helps SMEs to prepare their products for market. 

Research and knowledge centers

  • The House of Food – The House of Food, located in Roeselare (West Flanders), is the center for the local agro-food sector.
  • Flanders’ FOOD – Innovation platform that plays a central role in the newly founded food sector spearhead cluster. Together with companies, research facilities and the government, it is developing a long-term strategy for a more innovative and sustainable agro-food industry while improving competitiveness on short notice.

Projects and initiatives

  • Feed Food Health Tienen – This unique project generates a knowledge and innovation community that focuses on groundbreaking initiatives and advancements in the broad domain of healthy food and feed.


  • Food Pilot – Based in Melle, the Food Pilot is an application, demo and analysis center and allows for biomass to be converted into food and non-food products. The facility hosts technologies such as heat, mix, reduce, cool and dry devices on semi-industrial scale.
  • Flanders’ seaports – With the seaports of Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge and Ostend, Flanders offers perfect ocean-going gateways for the fast handling of all kinds of goods.
  • Transport infrastructure – Flanders’ road, rail and inland waterway networks are among the densest in Europe and provide fast and swift connections with the European hinterland.
  • International airports – Brussels Airport, Antwerp International Airport and Ostend-Bruges International Airport take care of the fast and efficient shipment of your goods by air.
  • European Distribution Centers – In spite of its surface area of merely 13,522 km2, Flanders boasts an impressive portfolio of more than 800 European Distribution Centers. 

Cluster and key organizations

  • FEVIA –Belgium’s professional federation for the food sector.
  • ILVO – Flanders’ Government Institute for Agriculture and Fishery (ILVO) supports four research units in Animal Sciences, Social Sciences, Plant Sciences and Technology & Food Science.
  • Inagro – Knowledge partner for the agro-food industry. 

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