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Flanders’ biobased economy

Here’s how to reap the rewards of Flanders’ rapidly developing biobased economy.

The chemical industry is at a crucial crossroads, poised to spur a biobased economy and seize the opportunities of using biomass as a resource for chemicals, materials and energy. With its expertise in biotechnology, Flanders plays a leading role in the creation of a biobased economy, and goes to great lengths to specialize in this field. The aim? To secure its position at the heart of one of the world’s biggest chemical clusters. Find out how this benefits your biobased business activities and research initiatives.

of Flanders’ employees work in biobased-related industries
of all industry in Flanders is biobased

Interconnected biobased ecosystem

In Flanders, expertise and knowledge go hand in hand with biobased operations through a local, high-potential, biobased ecosystem that interfaces biobased feedstock resources, business and research enablers, and market demand. Some of these include: VIB (institute for biotech), Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, VITO (institute for technological research), Flanders Biobased Valley, and many more. 

Vast expertise in various biobased domains

Through its expertise in various innovation fields – as diverse as biotechnology, sustainable chemistry and anaerobic digestion – Flanders has always been at the heart of biotechnological and biobased innovation. This steady cross-pollination occurring between biobased research and business only continues to gain momentum.

Top-notch location for biobased activities

Flanders is a gateway to international, biobased market potential. Not only is the region located at the heart of a chemical and industrial mega-cluster; Flanders also offers an impressive and globally-oriented logistics network.

Did you know...

  • … Flanders is the world-leader in waste separation and the processing of organic waste and plastic packaging. This results in a vast amount of feedstock for the biobased industry.
  • … Flanders is home to pioneering biotech firms? Citrique Belge, for instance, has been biologically producing citric acid since 1916.
  • … Flanders has always been at the heart of biotechnological and biobased innovation and research? One example is the groundbreaking molecular research carried out by World Food Prize Laureate Dr. Marc Van Montagu (Ghent University).

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