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Fintech in Flanders

Find out why Flanders is a fintech hub you can bank on.

Financial technology, or ‘fintech’, is gaining ground worldwide. Since 2008, global investments in the sector have quadrupled and its capital injections are four times higher than the average across industries. In Flanders’ thriving IT landscape, fintech takes center stage. The presence of cutting-edge expertise, international decision-making institutions, world-class payment infrastructure providers and an exemplary business ecosystem make the region Europe’s fintech hub ‘par excellence’.

Flanders’ fintech ecosystem

Fintech companies in Flanders can rely on an innovative ecosystem. It consists of over 130 companies, research centers, incubators and accelerators – all located within an area of only 13,522 km². 

Start-ups and disruptors

  • DiscoverEdge Partners – Cash management experts who sell, support and customize DiscoverEdge solutions.
  • Betterbank – Founded in 2013 by Christophe Grosjean and Laurent Van Basselaere, Betterbank is now supported by Arhs Group, and develops easy-to-use tools – like the Benki app – that help people manage their finances.
  • Twikey – A fintech startup enabling simple and accessible SEPA direct debits through e-Mandates.
  • Edebex – Offers a safe, secure and efficient solution for companies that want to optimize their treasuries.
  • NG Data – Big data management platform for financial services organizations.
  • The Glue – Digital integration platform headquartered in Diegem (Flanders) that aims to enable fundamental transformation in banking.
  • Silverfin – Ghent-based platform for digital transformation in accountancy.
  • Intix – An enabling force in financial transaction data management, Intix develops solutions for financial institutions and corporate treasuries that transform how any form of financial transaction data can be accessed, searched, interpreted and used.
  • IntellectEU – With over 10 years of hands-on experience and an international presence, IntellectEU is an innovative key player in financial integration and middleware solutions for fintech companies.

Science parks and incubators

  • Belcube – Tech and fintech investment group and advisory board for entrepreneurs in the industry.
  • Innotribe – SWIFT’s fintech innovation initiative brings together highly qualified financial services experts, angel investors, venture capitalists, and global decision makers.

Key organizations

  • EPSM – European Association of Payment Service Providers.
  • ETA – European Transactions Association.
  • Federation FinTech Belgium – Represents and brings together fintech companies in Flanders and Belgium as a whole.
  • Agoria Financial Services Technology Club – Brings together IT companies that provide both software and hardware solutions to the financial industry market.

Funding and venture capital

  • Belcube – Technology and fintech investment group and advisory board for entrepreneurs in the industry.
  • SmartFin Capital – Technology private equity fund founded in 2014 by Jurgen Ingels, Bart Luyten, Edward Schiettecatte and Stefan Dierckx (EUR 75 million).

Notable business players

  • Capco
  • Zetes
  • Callataÿ & Wouters
  • Certipost
  • Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  • Vasco Data Security
  • Utimaco Safeware AG
  • BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
  • Clear2Pay
  • Isabel
  • Keyware Technologies
  • Diebold Belgium
  • Diebold CBS/Cable Print
  • Proton World International
  • Claerhout Computer Engineering (CCE) 

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