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Sustainable chemicals & polymers in Flanders

Flanders has a strong foothold in sustainable chemicals and polymers. Find out how this benefits your business.

Sustainability is a key strategic goal for Flanders that plays a significant role in the chemical industry of the region, as this industry makes up a large portion of companies, innovators, incubators, hubs, employers and more. With current consumer and industrial trends focusing more and more on sustainability, it’s no surprise that Flanders is home to world-leading players in sustainable chemicals and polymers.

Dedicated to safety, health and the environment

Award-winning sustainable chemistry

Celebrated for their adherence to the most rigorous best practices in chemical sustainability, several organizations in Flanders, including essenscia, have won international sustainability trophies granted by Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council.

Coupled with the presence of companies, university groups and research centers dedicated to biotechnology, biochemistry and other sustainability-oriented domains, sustainable chemical and polymer companies have a vast number of resources at their disposal to foster innovation, collaboration, cost-sharing, and much more.

Key household sustainable chemical players in Flanders

  • FCA – Flanders Cleantech Association, bringing together cleantech businesses in the region to promote innovation, collaboration, the opening of new markets and investment attraction.
  • Catalisti – Nearly 100 companies and all 5 of Flanders’ universities are joining forces in Catalisti. As the new ‘Spearhead Cluster for Chemicals and Plastics’ of the government of Flanders, Catalisti aims to stimulate sustainable innovations in chemistry through intensive and cross-sector collaboration initiatives.
  • BlueChem – An upcoming incubator and accelerator for innovators in Flanders’ sustainable chemical industry.
  • Flanders’ Materials Programme – A public-private partnership dedicated to supporting the transition to a circular economy specifically in the domain of materials management.
  • CleanChem – Your gateway to all activities related to sustainable chemical technologies that target a transition from fossil to renewable resources.
  • SusChemA – Short for ‘Sustainable Chemistry Network Antwerp’, SusChemA valorizes academic knowledge through collaborative research projects and intellectual property protection.
  • SPARC – Sustainable Polymers and Application Research Cluster.

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