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Why Flanders is Europe’s leading petrochemical hub

When it comes to petrochemicals, Flanders has unparalleled know-how, infrastructure and expertise, situated in the heart of Europe.

Flanders is a popular location for the headquarters and subsidiary offices of world-leading petrochemical firms, with the region accounting for 70% of Belgium’s petrochemical industry. 13 out of 20 major petrochemical companies have a presence in Belgium, and Flanders is home to the largest petrochemical cluster in Europe.

Port of Antwerp: Europe’s #1 petrochemicals cluster

petrochemicals cluster in Europe
oil refineries
steam crackers

The petrochemicals cluster at the easily accessible Port of Antwerp is not only the biggest of its kind in Europe; it’s also second largest in the world. The numbers also tell the rest of the tale, as the port area houses:

  • 500 chemical companies on 2,500 ha of industrial land;
  • 5 oil refineries;
  • 5 steam crackers:
  • a portfolio of 300 different chemicals.

The Port of Antwerp boasts an extremely high level of integration and diversity across the value chain – a combination that is unique in the world. From raw materials, feedstocks, other building blocks, commodities and intermediates to final products, the port offers unities in energy, process integration and logistics, for world-leading cost-effectiveness.

Additionally, the port’s pipelines form a major Northern European hub for the transit of crude oil, naphtha, ethylene, propylene, natural gas, etc.

Map: chemical pipelines network in Flanders

Innovation ecosystem for petrochemicals

In Flanders, your petrochemical activities can reap the rewards of a whole ecosystem of key organizations for the chemical industry: from business incubators to knowledge platforms, from research centers to industry clusters and cutting edge infrastructure.

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