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Flanders' Agribusiness Ecosystem

Flanders’ agribusiness and agricultural knowledge ecosystem generates numerous opportunities for your business.

Know-how and research

Research groups and knowledge centers

At Ghent University

At Leuven University

At Hasselt University

Projects and initiatives

  • Food Pilot – An ILVO initiative, combines agrofood expertise with testing facilities to support companies in improving products and processes.
  • ATOM – An industrial flow chemistry platform and pilot plant for exploring the possibilities of flow technology to enhance your production efficiency.

Cluster and key organizations

  • ILVO – Independent agricultural research center with green houses, experimental stables and laboratories with accredited analyses. ILVO supports sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry.
  • Flanders’ Food – Platform for innovation supporting innovation, competition and sustainability in Flanders’ agribusiness industry, contributing to Flanders’ economic and social development in the process.
  • FlandersBio – Flanders-based networking organization for the life sciences sector.
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries – Department of the Government of Flanders that focuses on the development, implementation, control and evaluation of research and technology in the field of agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and the countryside.
  • Strategic Advisory Council for Agriculture and Fisheries
  • VLAM – Short for Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board, VLAM aims at promoting the sale, added value, consumption and image of products and services of Flanders’ agriculture, horticulture, fishery and agro-alimentary industries. 

Business incubators

  • VIB Bioincubator Gent – This Ghent-based facility consists of one incubator room, one cold room, and six to seven air-conditioned laboratories that conform to bio-safety class 2 activities (easily upgradable to class 3).
  • BioAccelerator Gent – Part of the Flanders biotech valley in Ghent, BioAccelerator Gent is home to state-of-the art laboratories and offices with high-level specifications.
  • Agropolis – Limburg-based incubator for agro innovation and horticulture, including a research and production space to test new technologies.

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