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7 June 2017

Japanese industrial parts producer Yamauchi invests EUR 2.5 million to expand its Flanders-based plant.

6 June 2017

Energy tech company Restore has won the award for best smart green start-up in Europe.

6 June 2017

Belgian Mobile ID and its partners are launching Itsme, a smartphone app enabling mobile identification.

31 May 2017

Dutch brewing company Heineken is investing millions in its Alken-based brewery in Flanders.

31 May 2017

Volvo expresses its confidence in Flanders’ car manufacturing tradition: two new models are coming to Ghent.

31 May 2017

Sofico ranks 978th on the Financial Times’ list of Europe’s 1,000 fastest-growing companies.

31 May 2017

A first trainload of Volvo cars destined for dispatch around the world arrives at Zeebrugge.

31 May 2017

An industrial area in Turnhout (Flanders) will soon become a new home base for Tokheim Solutions.

30 May 2017

French investment group Chequers Capital buys the artificial turf division Domo Sports Grass.

29 May 2017

‘Noordzee Aquacultuur’ will explore the cultivation of seaweed, crustaceans and mollusks in the North Sea.


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