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24 July 2017

The American cosmetics giant will construct its warehouse at its production and distribution site in Westerlo.

17 July 2017

Chemicals giant INEOS is considering opening a plant in Flanders, strengthening its bond with the region. 

6 July 2017

The stainless-steel producer is investing USD 150 million worldwide, at least a quarter of which will go to Belgium.

5 July 2017

Biotech equipment producer Trinean impresses life sciences tool firm Unchained Labs with its DropSense system.

5 July 2017

Together, the 77 most innovative pharmaceutical firms invested EUR 2.89 billion in R&D in Belgium in 2016.

4 July 2017

Energy Market, a Bulgarian energy supplier, buys Uniper Generation Belgium’s power plant in Vilvoorde, securing the plant’s future.

4 July 2017

DK Thermal, British producer of printed circuit boards, acquires all activities of Elite Advanced Technologies in Europe.

4 July 2017

32 diverse companies take up residence in the open and innovative Corda-A hall in Hasselt (Flanders). 

4 July 2017

Aldi invests EUR 50 million in a larger distribution center and administrative HQ in Flanders.

4 July 2017

Grimme Landsmaschinen (DE) is opening a subsidiary in Roeselare (Flanders).


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