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15 March 2021

The 4D scanner provides a clear 3D image in motion, which assists heart surgeons immensely.

11 March 2021

VIB’s new antibody is described as “one of the most futureproof antibody COVID-19 therapies in development.”

10 March 2021

Through the purchase in Flanders, Israeli company MeaTech wants to accelerate the go-to-market of hybrid food.

3 March 2021

From the Port of Antwerp, the company’s air purification units will be delivered to customers across Europe.

2 March 2021

In February 2021, 11 wind turbines began turning on the site of Japanese subsidiary ICO in Flanders.

1 March 2021

With the fresh capital, plans to speed up its AI development and expand the existing team.

18 February 2021

After Brexit: why Flanders is the perfect location for setting up or expanding your business

16 February 2021

With Pfizer, GSK, the Rega Institute, Janssen Pharmaceutica, etc., Belgium is a vaccine production powerhouse.

16 February 2021

The change of ownership will allow OTN Systems to continue growing and scaling internationally.

15 February 2021

The unified Port of Antwerp-Bruges seeks to be the world’s 1st port to harmonize economy, people and climate.


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