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17 June 2022

A look behind the scenes at the leading Photonics Innovation Center of VUB, one of Flanders’ universities.

14 June 2022

Get to know the companies on the Export Lion Award shortlist: who will win Flanders’ main export prize?

9 June 2022

Here’s why the region has what it takes to become a transport and storage hub to bring hydrogen to Europe.

9 June 2022

Discover how the Belgian pharma sector invests EUR 14 million per day in R&D and other figures from

9 June 2022

At the facility, medicines for care and clinical studies will be prepared following the strictest standards.

8 June 2022

The company will be constructing a new green hydrogen production plant at the NextGen District in Antwerp.

3 June 2022

With 8% more projects in 2021, Belgium remains one of Europe’s top destinations for foreign investments.  

31 May 2022

The Swedish truck manufacturer will produce battery packs for heavy e-trucks at its assembly plant in Ghent.

31 May 2022

Besides acquiring VR and AR start-up Magicor, Granstudio is joining the Hangar K cocreation hub in Flanders.

31 May 2022

The arrival of Nectar Group contributes to the port’s ambition to increase maritime traffic from Ostend.


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