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30 June 2020

Flanders is a frontrunner in developing new applications using photonics – both in Europe and beyond.

29 June 2020

Together, the two companies will further speed up clinical research on genetic diseases and therapies. 

25 June 2020

The region’s strong ecosystem, infrastructure and workforce attract new international logistics investments.

24 June 2020

For both businesses and individual workers, Flanders and Belgium are preparing a series of economic measures. 

23 June 2020

Sector federation published its 2019 key figures on biopharma in Belgium and Flanders.

23 June 2020

Seven partners set up a consortium to produce 8,000 tons of sustainable methanol at a demonstration plant.

22 June 2020

Diploid’s AI-based software achieves 94% accuracy, sparking Invitae’s interest.

19 June 2020

The young Microsoft Azure specialist claims to have found “a dream team of founders” in Ghent.

19 June 2020

Deliverect will use the capital injection to improve its home delivery software and strengthen its position. 

18 June 2020

The Flanders-based biotech company is developing a T-cell vaccine that could provide broader protection.  


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