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Why Finnair Cargo goes ‘pharma’ at Brussels Airport

In Flanders, airfreight carrier Finnair Cargo has been operating a second European logistics hub at Brussels Airport since 2013. The Finnish company’s trust in the region remains strong, as confirmed by Finnair Cargo in a recent interview with following the carrier’s recent opening of a new hub at Helsinki Airport.

Pharma strategy

Finnair Cargo’s choice for Brussels Airport (Flanders) as the home of its second hub was a no-brainer for the company. “When we arrived at Brussels Airport, we had a clear intention of growth in the pharmaceutical segment,” comments Fredrik Wildtgrube, Finnair Head of Global Sales. “Brussels Airport has a dedicated strategy and strong position for the handling of pharmaceutical cargo, that much is certain.”

Vast experience

“Brussels Airport has been continuously developing its position in the pharmaceutical segment over the past years,” Wildtgrube continues. “The airport has gained vast experience in handling and processing this sensitive commodity step by step. From Finnair Cargo’s point of view, it’s crucial for us to operate in a hub that supports our needs in the best possible way.”


While Finnair was one of the first airlines to join the IATA CEIV Pharma initiative, Brussels Airport was the world’s first airport to receive the IATA Excellence in Pharmaceutical Handling certificate, back in 2016. In short, both organizations have clear performance-driven agendas regarding pharmaceutical products, to say the least. “As service provider, it’s our main priority to ensure the integrity of the products by applying both speed and high quality within our network,” Wildtgrube wraps up.

“In doing so, we can help customers accelerate their time-to-market and ensure that temperature-sensitive products travel as quickly as possible throughout our network. In addition to the Brussels Airport freighter, we can also use narrow-body equipment where cargo size allows. More, we offer road feeder services from Brussels Airport, mainly for general cargo, to further optimize the way we work.”

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19 March 2018

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