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UgenTec (Flanders) and LCG (UK) tackle coronavirus together

Life sciences measurement and testing company LGC Group has signed a large-scale contract with Flanders-based scale-up UgenTec, which develops laboratory software. Their shared goal is to develop a better way to test patients for coronavirus.

Microscopic view of Coronavirus

Detecting coronavirus

LGC Group – global leader in the life sciences sector – supplies a quarter of the world's reagents for molecular lab tests (based on DNA analysis), including those for respiratory infections, sexually transmitted diseases and cancer. LGC provides a large portion of all tests (or their reagents) that detect coronavirus. In this context, LGC will provide access to the cloud platform on which UgenTec’s software runs.

30 times faster

UgenTec's software enables tests based on DNA analysis (e.g. of viruses or bacteria) that run up to 30 times faster than manual analysis performed by a laboratory technician. Each blood, saliva or tissue sample is placed in an analyzer together with a reaction substance (reagent), and the resulting data is interpreted by the lab technician. With this method, it takes two hours to complete 100 tests.

“With our software, one test can be done in minutes, without the chance of human error. Labs can thus process large volumes without having to call in extra staff,” explains Wouter Uten, chief operations officer at UgentTec.

Controlling the outbreak

Wouter Uten: “Speed is key to battling coronavirus. The more tests we can run, the better. The data processed by our software is collected anonymously in a central database and offers us epidemiological insights into how and in which region the virus is spreading.”

From start-up to scale-up

UgenTec was founded in 2014 by Wouter Uten and Tom Martens. Today, the company’s software is used in some 100 large laboratories in 72 countries. According to Wouter Uten, turnover has almost doubled over the past year. UgenTec supplies solutions directly to the labs or via major diagnostic players such as Siemens Healthineers and Hamilton Robotics. Large contracts were also recently signed with Roche and BASF.

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21 February 2020

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