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Terra Drone (Japan) acquires 51% stake in Unifly (Flanders)

Japanese drone group Terra Drone, one of the largest drone service providers around the globe, is expanding its stake in Unifly to reach a 51% majority. Terra Drone has been partnering with Unifly practically since the Flanders-based company’s inception back in 2015, having participated in at least two capital rounds. In total, Unifly has already raised over EUR 23 million, according to the company’s website.

UTM frontrunner

Headquartered in Antwerp, Unifly is one of the world’s most prominent providers of software and solutions for unmanned traffic management (UTM), a relatively new segment in the aviation industry. The Flanders-based company’s customers include Belgian air traffic controller Skeyes and the latter’s German counterpart DFS.

Furthermore, Unifly provides services for monitoring installations, such as in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, as well as for air safety. The company, which also has offices in Denmark and the US, currently relies on a team of 31 employees and 8 freelancers.

Deepening partnership

“From the drone industry’s early days, Terra Drone saw the immense potential of UTM,” comments Terra Drone CEO and founder Toru Tokushige. “Our decision to acquire the majority shares in Unifly underscores our commitment to deepening the relationship between our companies. Unifly focuses on strengthening the partnership by using its advanced tech and experience to improve the safe and efficient use of drones in key areas such as surveying, inspections, logistics, security and disaster response.”

Accelerating growth

“With Terra Drone’s dedication to accelerating the growth of the drone industry, our collective vision should become a reality sooner than anticipated,” adds Andres Van Swalm, founder and CEO of Unifly. Our main goal is to enhance the safety and efficiency of autonomous aviation in everyday life. Together, we are shaping the drone and UTM industry globally

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Reported by
De Tijd newspaper, sUAS News website, Unifly press release
28 August 2023

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