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Tech Lane Ghent (Flanders) grows a new bio-incubator

The Technology Park in Zwijnaarde (Flanders) continues to grow: this summer, a new bio-incubator will be born. The project is co-funded by Biovest – the investment company led by Rudi Mariën – and infrastructure developer TINC.

Promising companies like Ablynx and Argenx also reside at Tech Lane Ghent

Flanders’ biotech buzz

The Technology Park – also known as Tech Lane Ghent – is an important hub in Flanders’ impressive biotech scene. The new incubator will occupy 10,000 m² on the site, right next to VIB, Flanders’ strategic research institute for life sciences and biotechnology, which in turn houses numerous spin-offs and start-ups in its 8,000 m² facility. Promising companies like Ablynx and Argenx also reside at the innovative site. A whopping 9,000 scientists work at the vibrant Technology Park, which grows at a rate of ten new companies annually.

Future-proof plan

The building should be finished by 2020. Which firms will reside in it is still unclear at the moment. But Stefan Mariën, manager of Biovest, is not worried. “When we started building the previous incubator, we weren’t sure who would get spots in it either. But the biotech scene moves at a dazzling speed, so we know that new companies will arise, and that others will need more space. With the new incubator, we anticipate those needs.”

Partner TINC brings a historical expertise with biotech to the table. Manu Vandenbulcke, CEO: “These companies need more than just room to grow, they also require specific infrastructure, like labs. As our first bio-accelerator on the site is fully booked, we are confident in our decision to invest in this second building.” 

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Tech Lane Ghent
Reported by
De Tijd
22 January 2018

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