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Tech champ Camco in business with Chinese crane giant

Leuven-based technology company Camco won a prestigious contract in China. The tech champ from Flanders is tasked with building intelligent cameras for the container cranes of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries, the world's largest builder of container terminal infrastructure. "This contract gives us an important entry ticket to the Chinese market," says Alain Buyle, marketing manager at Camco Technologies.

A milestone contract

China's state-owned Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries is building a fully automated container terminal with rail infrastructure in the Chinese coastal port of Qinzhou. As Flanders has a strong reputation as a pioneer in digital industries, Leuven-based Camco will equip the five giant container cranes with high-tech cameras with built-in artificial intelligence. In doing so, Camco hopes to gain an entry ticket to the expanding Chinese market.

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of cranes and large steel structures in the world, with a 78% market share. It's an important contract on several levels.

Alain Buyle
marketing manager at Camco Technologies

Sky-high technology that stands out

More specifically, Camco will equip the firm’s production halls in Shanghai with its ‘box catcher’ technology: intelligent cameras that glide vertically back and forth along the two legs of mega cranes. They meticulously capture every container movement to and from the ship, as well as all information about the container by snapping 360-degree images. The cameras move at a speed of 6 meters per second and can easily capture 36 container movements per hour. They can scan one container’s data in 8 seconds. "Our advantage compared to other systems is that we integrate everything into one device," says Alain Buyle.

In addition, Camco will provide all the technology for the automatic registration of trucks entering and leaving the new terminal. This ranges from the installation of registration kiosks to access portals equipped with laser scanners and number recognition systems. From development to assembly and maintenance, everything is handled by Camco itself. The hardware is assembled in Camco’s production hall in Leuven, Flanders.

A major track record

Founded in 1999, Camco has grown into a global player in port terminal automation over the past twenty years. Its technology is used in more than 250 port and inland terminals worldwide, including the large container terminals at the Port of Antwerp. The company’s impressive customer base boasts major players like Katoen Natie and Vopak, and large container terminal operators like APM, DP World and Hutchison.

We are the global market leader in a small niche. In the port sector, everyone knows us. 90% of what we make is for export.

Alain Buyle
marketing manager at Camco Technologies

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Reported by
newspaper De Tijd
29 January 2021

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