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Teamleader, a scale-up from Flanders, joins Visma (Norway)

Visma, a European cloud software leader headquartered in Norway, is acquiring Flanders-based scale-up Teamleader from investors Fortino Capital, Keen Venture Partners and PMV. By joining Visma, the work management software company from Ghent will be able to accelerate its growth ambitions. Today, 10 years after its founding, more than 13,000 organizations are working with Teamleader and an invoice flow worth over EUR 10 billion is being managed through Teamleader systems.

Tech that forges the future

As one of the leading business-critical software providers in Europe, Visma employs over 15,000 people and serves no fewer than 1,200,000 private and public sector customers across the Nordic countries, the Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe, and even Latin America. The Norwegian company’s mission is similar to that of Teamleader: “to shape the future with powerful technology.”

Mutual benefits

The fact that Teamleader is joining forces with Visma creates a win-win situation. “The best gift we can give our customers is time to focus on their core business,” comments Teamleader founder and CEO Jeroen De Wit. “For the next phase of our business, it is crucial to connect with a solid technology partner that can help us with our plans.”

With Visma, we are joining a winning team that gives us the autonomy to continue our business while supporting us in terms of technology, security, sales and business operations. In addition, various companies within Visma serve the same target group as Teamleader, allowing us to seize market opportunities together.

Jeroen De Wit
founder and CEO of Teamleader

Gains for the customer

For Teamleader’s existing customers, little will change. Teamleader will continue to operate under its own name and with its current team of 180 employees as an independent part of Visma. Moreover, further down the line, Teamleader customers will even be able to gain from the companies’ partnership:

Visma houses major talent and experience in software development, sales and more. Through our partnership, we can use this knowledge for the customer’s benefit and drive the development of our tools forward.

Jeroen De Wit
founder and CEO of Teamleader

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5 July 2022

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