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TCI Network will come to Antwerp (Flanders) in 2019

The city of Antwerp (Flanders) will have the honor of hosting the annual TCI Network Global Conference from 8 to 10 October 2019. This was announced during the 2018 edition of the conference, which took place on October 17th in Toronto, Canada. In Antwerp, experts from around the globe will be gathering in a forum setting—while seeking to make headway in the domains of cluster development, regional competitiveness and innovation support.

Flag ceremony

Two main types of clusters

Highlighting its hosting role, Flanders has pulled out all the stops in strengthening its clusters in recent years. As part of its official cluster policy, the region has launched various innovative business networks. These networks aim to create a dynamic within a group of companies, and are expected to implement a concrete action plan:

  • by fostering intense cooperation between the participating companies;
  • resulting in demonstrable economic added value.

Launched over a year ago, Flanders’ spearhead clusters constitute a second type of cluster in the region. These initiatives boost long-term and cross-sector collaboration projects for enhanced innovation in some of Flanders’ most advanced and promising sectors: chemicals (Catalisti), food (Flanders’ FOOD), energy (Flux50), logistics (VIL), maritime activities (Blue Cluster) and sustainable materials (SIM).

Local clusters with global potential

Putting Flanders’ spearhead clusters on the global map is a key goal of Flanders Investment & Trade, as part of ‘Vlaanderen Versnelt’ or ‘Flanders Accelerates’. This refers to the official internationalization strategy aimed at promoting the region’s global potential in five main domains:

Uniting experts in Antwerp

As a leading global network, TCI Network unites organizations and professionals with expertise in cluster policies and competitiveness. These experts come together once a year to share knowledge and experience in an open, flexible and practical context. In 2019, Antwerp will be a fitting scene for this event.

Download our ebook to find out more about how Flanders supports innovation through cluster development.

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18 October 2018

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