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Swiss & Dutch firms invest in Flanders’ most productive km2

Dutch 3D-printed optics company Luxexcel and Swiss battery producer Leclanché are setting up a base on the Open Manufacturing Campus (OMC) in Turnhout, Flanders.

Transferring know-how
Based on the local site of electronics concern Philips, OMC aims to become the most productive square kilometer in hi-tech and life sciences in Flanders. To achieve that goal, the organization receives support from the government of Flanders, the European Union and other official bodies. “Philips’ local factory is becoming smaller and smaller”, said Marc Corthout, director at OMC. “Yet, the site still has a lot of potential, creating the unique opportunity to transfer Philip’s know-how to other manufacturing firms.”

Open innovation campus
Luxexcel will invest a total of EUR 7.5 million to open its 2nd Technology Center at OMC. “There, we will develop new 3D printers and processes, and expand our product offering and production capacity,” said Guido Groet at the Dutch 3D-printed optics firm. “Focusing on open innovation in engineering and manufacturing, OMC is the perfect campus environment in which to upscale our activities.”

As for Leclanché, the company will be moving its Systems R&D team to OMC. “With the help of OMC, we will develop state-of-the-art energy storage systems for, among other things, automotive applications,” explained Stefan Luis, Chief Strategy Officer at Leclanché.

Technological ecosystem
Eight companies have already set up shop at OMC, including: Borit (sheet metal products and assemblies), Peira (a Janssen Pharmaceutics spin-off for scientific research and related installations) and Solenco Power (domestic energy storage). Step by step, OMC is turning into a genuine ‘ecosystem’, where technological cross-pollination between manufacturing companies is key.

Reported by
De Tijd
10 November 2015

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