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Software giant HubSpot (US) solidifies growth in Flanders

The 2019 acquisition of Flanders-based data synchronization platform PieSync has proven to be a fruitful one for HubSpot. The American software firm has been thriving in our region ever since, propelling the need for a substantial expansion of its office space. Their new headquarters in Flanders is located right in the heart of Ghent, and offers 60 tech specialists a coveted spot near the action.

As easy as pie

Originally founded in 2014, PieSync offers a plug-and-play platform that integrates hundreds of mail, marketing and accounting applications in order to easily synchronize and deploy data across companies’ diverse departments. The unparalleled usability of this Flanders-made platform caused it to outrank other world-renowned software firms’ solutions, such as Salesforce, IBM and Amazon.

Rave reviews of PieSync caught the attention of American software firm HubSpot, which specializes in all things CRM (Customer Relationship Management), eventually leading to PieSync’s acquisition by HubSpot in 2019.

A successful integration

PieSync’s office, located in the bustling city of Ghent in East Flanders, has become one of the company’s primary European branches, close to its already established headquarters in Dublin, Paris, London and Berlin.

The first item on the shared agenda: integrating PieSync’s synchronization technology into HubSpot’s elaborate software solutions so even more companies can benefit from this cloud computing innovation from Flanders. Now that the integration is complete, it’s already proving to be a worthwhile endeavor for HubSpot. 

A hot spot for HubSpot

After only three years since the successful acquisition, PieSync’s office has turned out to be too small for HubSpot’s ambitions to truly take root in Flanders’ excellent digital industry. As such, the company has recently invested in a new and larger office space in Ghent that will allow for future growth, while at the same time let them make innovative use of the city’s – and by extension Flanders’ – highly skilled workforce.

HubSpot has noticed that Ghent is brimming with talent. This new investment is a blessing for our entire tech scene.

Ewout Meyns
founder of PieSync

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Reported by
De Tijd newspaper
29 June 2022

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