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RightCrowd (Australia) takes over Ticto (Flanders)

As a pioneer in visual security wearables, Ghent-based Ticto went in search of a software partner to co-establish integrated business solutions. The start-up found the perfect match in its own sector: RightCrowd, an Australian security system developer, has acquired Ticto for EUR 14.2 million.

The Ticto pin, a security wearable

From pin to badge

The first product the Flanders-based start-up marketed was the Ticto Pin, which provides high-end security at events. At the 2017 Oscars, for example, the entire audience was wearing this device. A colored light incorporated into the pins flashed whenever a visitor entered a prohibited zone.

According to CEO Maarten Vandenbroucke, however, the Ticto Badge constitutes the most important product that Ticto has developed. This smart badge gives companies real-time information about employees and visitors entering certain zones, and indicates whether they are allowed to do so.

Joining security forces

Since the Ticto Badge monitors people’s location in real-time, it requires full integration with existing business systems. Recognizing this need, Ticto actively sought an opportunity to join forces with an established software developer in the security sector.

Australian company RightCrowd turned out to be the ideal partner. Bart Vansevenant, co-founder of Ticto: “We first met at a major security fair in Las Vegas. RightCrowd had earlier planned to build a device similar to the Ticto Badge, whereas we had already succeeded and realized our badge should be part of a total software solution. It quickly became clear that we would be collaborating in the future.”

Geographically complementary

The founders of Ticto will remain on board after the EUR 14.3 million takeover. “We will be leading the security wearables department,” explains Vansevenant. He recognizes the far-reaching opportunities the acquisition offers: “Ticto suddenly has a sales and marketing team in Australia and the United States, where RightCrowd holds a fairly strong market position. At the same time, RightCrowd can further expand its European business.”

Ticto will keep its offices in the cities of Ghent and Hasselt. Since the Flanders-based team will do business with Australian customers, the takeover is expected to generate many job opportunities in this region. “This is the start of a growth story,” Vansevenant concludes.

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Reported by
De Standaard newspaper
4 December 2018

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