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PostNL builds high-tech distribution center in Flanders

Dutch postal operator PostNL announced the construction of a new, high-tech sorting and distribution center in Willebroek. PostNL’s first center in Flanders will be up and running by the end of 2021. In order to achieve their goal of processing 120,000 parcels every day, the company will hire approximately 400 new employees.

High-tech in a high-potential market

The e-commerce market in Flanders is on the rise, offering many opportunities for postal operators such as PostNL. In order to cope with the growing demand for home-delivered parcels, a high-tech installation is a necessity. "By building a high-tech sorting and distribution center in Flanders, we are further responding to the growing e-commerce market. Full sorting will be carried out at high speed, right down to loading the delivery vans,” says Rudy Van Rillaer, managing director of PostNL Belgium.

Processing parcels closer to home

Last year, PostNL commissioned three high-tech sorting and distribution centers in the Netherlands. Now, the first center in Flanders will follow. As of 2021, sorting and distributing for the market in Flanders and the rest of Belgium will take place from Willebroek, a municipality in the province of Antwerp. All parcels ordered from stores in Flanders and other regions of Belgium will be processed in Flanders, as well as a large number of parcels from foreign stores. Flanders’ extensive logistics infrastructure facilitates this process even further, allowing parcels to be delivered at high speed.

PostNL is hiring

PostNL plans to employ 400 people in their new sorting and distribution center, including deliverers. “We initially plan to recruit about 150 people to work at the center, but it’s hard to make concrete predictions,” comments Lies Florentie, spokesperson at PostNL Belgium. Currently, around 450 people are already working in the company's various depots and offices in Flanders and other locations in Belgium. Many more will join them soon.

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Reported by
Het Nieuwsblad newspaper
26 October 2020

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