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Pet food from Flanders gets international capital boost

Flanders-based producer of quality dog and cat food Edgard & Cooper received a capital injection of USD 22 million from impact-conscious investment funds, including the British venture capital fund The Craftory and Luxembourg-based DLF Venture. The investors will also gain minority interests in the pet food company.

Limiting the ecological ‘paw print’

Since its conception in 2016, Edgard & Cooper has taken the European dog and cat food market by storm. The pet food producer is active in 13 countries, with offices in Paris, London, Madrid, Milan, Rotterdam and recently Düsseldorf. Their secret? Innovative pet food with a limited ‘paw print’. By using fresh and nutritious raw materials as well as biodegradable or recyclable packaging, the three entrepreneurs behind Edgard & Cooper managed to win the hearts of dogs, cats and their owners throughout Europe.

Edgard & Cooper is the first European pet food brand to develop packaging made of biodegradable material, which has already replaced more than 5,869,786 plastic bags so far. However, their ambitions go a lot further. By 2025, they want to be completely CO2 neutral – the 'ZERO PAWPRINT 2025 PLAN'.

Investors with a purpose

This special approach did not go unnoticed. International investment fund The Craftory is investing heavily in Edgard & Cooper. They are a maverick in the world of investment funds, as they only invest in 'purpose-driven companies' – consumer brands that focus on making a positive impact on the world, its people and the environment. DLF Venture, a family investment fund based in Luxembourg, Brussels and London, also focuses on innovation and innovative companies. They have been supporting Edgard & Cooper in their growth for some time now and will continue to participate in the new capital injection aimed at boosting international growth.

We looked for investors who weren’t only interested in growth and profit, but those who share our values and care about the welfare of animals, people and the environment. We are very happy with the support of The Craftory and DLF Venture.

Koen Bostoen
co-founder of Edgard & Cooper

The Edgard & Cooper foundation

In addition to the company’s environmental efforts, Edgard & Cooper has also been involved in charity work from day one. The initial focus was mainly on the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka, an organization that takes care of street dogs. Now that the company has outgrown the start-up phase, they are ready to shift up a gear in their commitment to animal welfare. That’s why they established the Edgard & Cooper Foundation and have committed to donating 1% of the company’s total turnover, regardless of profits. For 2020, this already adds up to a donation of over EUR 250,000.

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11 January 2021

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