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Ositis Opens European Headquarters in Flanders

Ositis Software Inc., the U.S. market leader in Internet connection sharing software, opened its Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) headquarters in Zandhoven-Antwerp, Belgium. The office will be used to drive growth of Ositis' flagship WinProxy Internet sharing and firewall software as well as other innovative security and Internet access products. The European office will also provide local service and support.

The expanding European market will be a major factor in the growth of Ositis' worldwide business. As the deployment of broadband Internet connections such as DSL, cable and satellite increase, the need to securely connect home and business networks to the new high-speed lines will grow exponentially. WinProxy, with its unique combination of firewall, Internet sharing, centralized antivirus, site filtering and user controls, makes it possible to share a secured Internet connection between multiple networked users at the same location.

The board of Ositis Software Inc. has appointed Mieke Van Meensel as Managing Director of Ositis Europe BVBA. She was formerly European Sales Manager and Senior Business Development Manager for Psion PLC. Before joining Psion, Van Meensel was a founding member of Xircom Europe where she held various posts, including European Channel Sales and Marketing Manager and OEM Sales Manager.

"Online communication and commerce are growing rapidly in Europe, and there is a mounting demand for solutions that enable Internet connection sharing as well as security from intruders and viruses," says Van Meensel. "This market is ready for Ositis, and Ositis is now ready to serve our European customers and channel partners with products, service and support tailored to their needs."

Distribution Strategy: Van Meensel has a two-pronged strategy. First, she plans to build a two-tier distribution network of distributors, VARs and retailers. Second, she plans to drive OEM sales with ISPs, telecoms, and software and hardware vendors. In each country, a select number of qualified VARs (Value-Added Resellers) will be given the opportunity to co-develop the market under the Ositis Partner Plus Program which offers attractive marketing and training support.

WinProxy: WinProxy allows multiple PCs in a home, small office or mid-sized business to access the Internet with a secure firewall through a single connection from any Internet Service Provider, including AOL. The ease and reliability of this software has created dedicated proponents among professional IT communities and online security forums. WinProxy is also the retail market leader in the U.S. with over 95% of the retail market. Since introducing WinProxy in l996, Ositis has won numerous industry awards including: PC Magazine's Editor's Choice, Windows Magazine's Win100, and SC Magazine's Recommended.

WinProxy operates with all Internet connections including dial-up, ISDN, DSL, cable modem, satellite, frame relay or wireless connections. The product saves money by eliminating multiple phone lines, modems and user accounts. It also lowers dial-up and ISDN fees by automatically turning those connections on and off as needed. Additional features include:

  • Stealth firewall
  • Centralized virus protection
  • Site filtering
  • Caching for frequently visited sites to speed page download
  • Alerting for virus events and usage infractions
  • Restrict access privileges by user or group
  • Transparent proxy technology eliminates application configuration and special client installation


WinProxy 4.0 is available in 3, 5, 10, 25 and unlimited user versions. Pricing starts at ? 68,04 (ex. VAT) for the 3 user version. WinProxy is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and Me. A free 30-day trial version can be downloaded at

About Ositis Software, Inc.

Ositis Software designs, develops, licenses and markets award-winning software and hardware solutions that provide home, SMB and enterprise customers with a complete system to safeguard and connect networked PCs. The company markets and supports its products through major retailers, a network of VARs, leading OEMs worldwide, and directly to end-users.

For inquiries or a list of European resellers, contact Ositis Europe at

telephone +32 3 380 08 90; fax +32 3 380 08 99; or visit


European Headquarters:

Ositis Europe B.V.B.A.

Langestraat 223

2240 Zandhoven


tel: +32 3 380 08 90 fax: +32 3 380 08 99

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5 September 2001

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