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North Sea Port (Flanders) embraces renewable hydrogen

In March 2021, offshore wind market leader Ørsted (Denmark) presented its new project ‘SeaH2Land’, which features a collaboration with North Sea Port in Ghent (Flanders). The project revolves around the construction of a renewable hydrogen production facility that connects both regions through a cross-border pipeline, enabling better response to industrial demand in the North Sea Port cluster.
Additionally, a new offshore wind farm will generate the green electricity needed to produce the renewable hydrogen and substantially lower carbon emissions by 2030.

An ambitious threefold vision

North Sea Port came into existence in 2017 when the Port of Ghent (Flanders) and the Dutch ports of Terneuzen and Vlissingen joined forces. Every year, the North Sea Port cluster relies on fossil fuel to produce around 580,000 tons of hydrogen, making it one of the largest production and demand centers in its category in Europe today. To accelerate carbon reduction and meet European Green Deal standards, industrial demand for this hydrogen is expected to grow to around one million tons by 2050.

Now, SeaH2Land, a collaborative project with the Danish sustainable energy company Ørsted, serves as the gateway to a renewable hydrogen revolution in the North Sea Port cluster. Often referred to as “an ambitious vision”, the sustainable hydrogen project has three stages:

  • First, a GW electrolyser is built to produce renewable hydrogen and convert up to 20% of the current regional hydrogen consumption to renewable hydrogen.
  • Next, both regions will be linked through a cross-border pipeline.
  • To top off the project, a new 2 GW offshore wind farm located in the Dutch North Sea will enable large-scale supply of green electricity to produce renewable hydrogen. This will be one of the world’s largest renewable hydrogen production facilities.

Going green together

SeaH2Land is a collaborative project in the truest sense of the word. While Ørsted is responsible for the construction of the electrolyser and offshore wind farm, the development of the required regional infrastructure is supported by several major industrial players based in the North Sea Port cluster and united in the Smart Delta Resources (SDR) industry partnership, such as Yara, ArcelorMittal and Dow Benelux.

The industry partnership will now engage in dialogue with the regulatory authorities on the necessary framework and policies to further support the project.

We welcome the ambition of Ørsted to further develop the cross-border port as an important hydrogen cluster in Europe together with the big industrial companies in the region.

Daan Schalck
CEO of North Sea Port

Together with our partners in the Smart Delta Region, we will develop an ecosystem with a great complementarity of companies and knowledge centers.

Manfred Van Vlierberghe
CEO of ArcelorMittal Belgium

The next hydro-generation

In addition to SeaH2Land, Flanders has seen its fair share of innovative hydrogen port projects recently. To highlight just three examples:

SeaH2Land marks yet another milestone and has made it clear once again that Flanders will not miss the hydrogen boat and is ready to set sail for a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

North Sea Port covers one of the largest hydrogen clusters in Europe. As the world looks to decarbonise, it's paramount that we act now to secure the long-term competitiveness of European industry in a green economy.

Martin Neubert
CEO of Ørsted

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9 April 2021

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