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Normec (NL) acquires biodegradability whiz OWS (Flanders)

In the fight against plastic pollution, Organic Waste Systems (OWS) is firmly in command. By becoming part of Dutch lab group Normec, which has now finalized the acquisition of OWS, the Flanders-based company will be able to further capitalize on the increasing demand for biodegradable materials. “We look forward to this collaboration,” says Luc De Baere, managing director at OWS.

The benefits of diversification

OWS was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Ghent, Flanders. The company is best-known as the designer of Dranco installations for waste processing. These installations make it possible to process organic materials, such as food waste, into compost and biogas. Both can be used to generate green electricity. However, constructing and commercializing these large installations is a long and risky process.

Therefore, OWS also focuses on lab activities that guarantee more stable revenues. That’s how the company became a world leader in the determination of biodegradability and compostability as well as a top 5 player in the conversion of household waste and other organic materials. These activities account for over half of its turnover.

No opportunity wasted

OWS’ fruitful research efforts didn’t go unnoticed. The Dutch Normec Group, which specializes in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) and compliance, took an interest in the lab group from Ghent. After one year of negotiating, acquisition talks have ended on a high note. OWS is now part of Vlam-N-Vest, a subsidiary of Normec, which employs 150 people at its branches in Wevelgem, Wetteren and Puurs, Flanders. Both the Dranco project and research activities will continue under the new ownership.

We are delighted that Normec is adding us to their group. Together, we will continue to strengthen our value proposition, expand our lab capacity and increase our organic waste fermentation activities.

Luc De Baere
managing director at OWS

Joining the leaders of the pack

Normec is considered the number one in its field. Through takeovers, the Dutch group has grown into a major player, recording EUR 130 million in turnover and employing 1,100 people in the Benelux and Germany. The deal with OWS offers the Normec Group the possibility to expand its range of services. It aims to become a European TIC player offering a one-stop-shop for solutions in the domains of life, safety and environment.

We are excited that Normec is partnering up with OWS. It’s impressive how the company has grown its market position in recent years. It will be a pleasure to work with the management team of OWS as the firm pursues its growth path.

Joep Bruins
CEO and founder of Normec

New investments in the works

Last year, OWS recorded a net profit of EUR 1.4 million and EUR 17.9 million in turnover. Employing 115 people in Flanders, Germany, the US and Japan, the firm aims to increase its turnover to EUR 25 million in 2020. Currently, new plants are under construction in Leuven and Dendermonde, two cities in Flanders, representing a total investment of EUR 33 million.

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Normec Group
Reported by
newspaper De Tijd
7 December 2020

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