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New tank terminal for MOL Chemical Tankers and SEA-Invest

Ghent-based port group SEA-Invest is investing EUR 300 to 400 million in a large tank storage park for chemicals at the Port of Antwerp, creating 100 new jobs. For the investment, they entered a joint venture with MOL Chemical Tankers, a subsidiary of the Japanese company Mitsui OSK.

Joint venture

The board of directors of the Antwerp Port Authority has given the green light for a new investment by SEA-Invest and MOL Chemical Tankers, part of the Japanese group Mitsui OSK. Together, they will build a tank terminal at the Delwaide dock for the storage of liquid chemicals. For this project, they set up the Sea-Mol joint venture, in which SEA-Invest subsidiary Sea-Tank Terminal has a 51% stake and MOL Chemical has 49%.

Part of a larger investment

In the past ten years, SEA-Invest has invested EUR 1 billion in the Port of Antwerp, with this new investment adding another EUR 400 million to that figure. With 3.4 million cubic meters of storage capacity at five European ports – and 3 million cubic meters in Antwerp – the Sea-Tank Terminal will become one of the largest storage tank operators in Western Europe.

Through its daughter company Sea-Tank, SEA-Invest is also working on the construction of a tank storage terminal for mineral oils at the same Delwaide dock, an investment of EUR 250 million that accounts for 750,000 cubic meters of capacity. The company also expanded another mineral oil tank storage terminal at the Antwerp Hansadok last year, which it operates in collaboration with Total.

Port of Antwerp: ideal for liquid bulk storage

Underlined by the new investments, Antwerp is increasingly positioning itself as the ideal port for the storage of liquid bulk such as chemicals, crude oil and fuels such as petrol, (bio)diesel and kerosene. Over the past decade, liquid bulk transshipment in Antwerp has doubled to 73 million tons, accounting for the second largest amount of traffic after containers, which constituted122 million tons last year.

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Port of AntwerpMOL Chemical TankersSEA-Invest
Reported by
De Tijd newspaper
17 September 2018

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