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New Flanders360 platform: life sciences from all angles

Imagine a comprehensive way to visualize a region’s life sciences & health business and research ecosystem in all its diversity. Sounds impossible? Think again! Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) set out to do just that. The result is Flanders360, a digital platform with an interactive map that lets you take a virtual tour through the great variety of life sciences & health players in Belgium’s northern region. It’s time to enter the ecosystem!

A dense knowledge and business community

Ambitious start-ups and scale-ups. Leading multinationals. Top-notch universities with solid life sciences and biotech departments. Cutting-edge research centers and laboratories. Supportive cluster and government organizations… Flanders’ life sciences & health ecosystem is as diverse as it is driven by knowledge and innovation.

To enable professionals from all across the world to discover this business and research ecosystem in all its glory from the comfort of their own homes and offices, FIT launched Flanders360. This platform literally puts the region’s life sciences and health community on the map. It does so across the entire value chain: from R&D and education to validation, commercialization and internationalization.

Inspiring content and tours

But it doesn’t end there, far from! Besides the interactive map, the Flanders360 platform features insightful videos, company profiles and stories. There are also extensive 360° tours. These take place at leading partners for the life sciences industry, like pharma logistics hub Brussels Airport as well as internationally renowned strategic research centers such as imec and VIB.

To top it all off, Flanders360 offers international professionals and investors the opportunity to schedule a remote, guided tour, enabling them to talk directly to experts from FIT.

Through Flanders360, potential investors, buyers, knowledge and research centers, incubators and accelerators, innovation clusters, capital providers and talent from all around the globe can step into Flanders’ life sciences & health ecosystem virtually. This experience lets them discover Flanders as a major hub in biotech, medtech, pharma, e-health and other cutting-edge domains.

Claire Tillekaerts
CEO of Flanders Investment & Trade

In Mercator’s footsteps

The impressive piece of mapmaking showcased on Flanders360 could not have happened without the pioneering insights of Gerardus Mercator, a 16th-century cartographer from Flanders who not only put the region but also the then-known world on the map like never before. The groundbreaking scientist will play a key part in the international promotion actions surrounding Flanders360.

Curious what that looks like? Check out the video below to get a preview! 

Pinpoint your business on the map

Is your company or organization active in life sciences business or research in Flanders? And would you like to put it on the Flanders360 map? Drop us a line via Steffi Van Severen, digital marketing manager at FIT:

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Reported by
Flanders Investment & Trade
5 October 2021

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