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New chapter for innovative business hub Corda Campus

Does Flanders have its very own Silicon Valley situated right in the province of Limburg? There’s no doubt that anyone walking through the Corda Campus in Hasselt would soon be under that impression! More than 5,000 people work at the campus as part of 250 innovative start-ups and scale-ups, not to mention large companies such as Cegeka and Cronos. Since its foundation six years ago, this Hasselt-based microcosm of companies has put itself on the map as “a breeding ground for knowledge, talent and innovation,” says Flanders’ Minister of Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy & Agriculture Hilde Crevits, calling Corda Campus “the workplace of the future.”

Top three in Europe

Corda Campus is one of Europe’s top three innovative business campuses, competing only with the Station F start-up campus in Paris and High Tech Campus Eindhoven. In order to take a commanding lead and become even more prominent, the campus is channeling EUR 150 million into its operations.

Thanks to this investment project, which is mainly backed by bank loans and investment company LRM, Corda Campus will have an ultramodern events arena, additional office buildings with green gardens, its own data center, new cleanrooms, and apartments for employees and expats. Plans are in place to add a total area of 9 hectares to the campus, with everything up and running by 2030.

Winning the war for talent

Furthermore, Corda Campus is investigating whether an English-language international school could be built as well, for expat children aged 6 to 18. Add to that a collection of restaurants, bars, stores and even an ironing service, and it quickly becomes clear that Corda Campus is aiming to win the war for talent by creating a comfortable and inspirational setting where people love to come to work.

At first, our idea was: ‘attract companies, then the talent will follow.’ Now it’s the other way around: ‘provide the talent and the companies will come.’ Even very large firms – along the lines of Google, Microsoft or Netflix – no longer want to be relegated to the outskirts of big cities, with all their accompanying mobility problems. An area like Flanders’ province of Limburg, which is still strategically located, can be very attractive in this regard.

Raf Degens
general director of Corda Campus

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Corda Campus
Reported by
newspaper De Standaard
2 May 2022

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