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New Borealis (AT) plant in Flanders turns waste into energy

Borealis takes its efforts to become more sustainable very seriously. The proof: thanks to Biostoom, a newly built power plant in Beringen (Flanders), the Austrian chemicals group can successfully transform non-recyclable waste from local households into electricity and steam. “Recovering energy is the best alternative to landfilling waste,” says Martijn van Koten, Borealis executive vice president of Base Chemicals & Operations.

Accelerating circular ambitions

Borealis aims to source 50% if its total energy consumption from renewable sources by 2030. Thanks to the new facility, which will supply nearly 100% of the electricity required by Borealis’ operations in Beringen (Flanders), the chemical giant can speed up this mission. Biostoom generates steam and electricity exclusively for Borealis operations on site, of which 47% is already considered renewable.

A sustainable game changer

The Biostoom facility will help Borealis reduce its dependence on fossil fuel-based energy sources by around 40%, lowering its direct and indirect carbon dioxide emissions by 20%. According to Martijn van Koten, the Biostoom Beringen project contributes to a circular economy based on reuse, recovery and recycling:

Life demands progress. Sourcing non-recyclable waste from adjacent communities further strengthens our sustainability promise.

Martijn van Koten
Borealis executive vice president of Base Chemicals & Operations

Energetic power couple

To achieve this ambitious project, the 2019 Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy winner joined forces with the highly qualified team of Bionerga, a Flanders-based expert in waste transformation:

This collaboration has been pivotal for the success of the project. We aim to deepen and solidify cooperation with partners like Bionerga in the future.

Thomas van De Velde
Borealis senior vice president of Hydrocarbons & Energy

The first electricity delivery happened in August 2020, while the first steam was delivered in October 2020.

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22 January 2021

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