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Netcall (UK) acquires robotic software firm from Flanders

British automation expert Netcall is investing a maximum of EUR 3 million to acquire Oakwood Technologies, a robotic process automation (RPA) software developer from Lommel (Flanders). According to Dow Jones, Netcall will pay EUR 1.2 million in cash to Oakwood’s founders, Koen van Eijk and Thomas van Turnhout, who will join the British company. Depending on the results achieved, the duo could receive an additional earn-out of EUR 1.8 million.

Effective algorithms

Founded in 2018, Oakwood Technologies focuses on the fast-growing market of robotic process automation, or RPA. The firm develops algorithms that learn how to perform routine tasks carried out by office workers, such as collecting data or summarizing documents. The start-up commercializes its solutions under the brand name Automagica and focuses mainly on a customer base of SMEs. As the Flanders-based company is now becoming part of British listed company Netcall, the Automagica brand will be integrated into Netcall’s own automation platform.

“By embedding Oakwood’s RPA capabilities in the Netcall Liberty platform, business users are empowered to automate even the most tedious and manual processes via any device,” Netcall points out in a press release. “Automagica complements Liberty Create, Netcall’s low-code platform, and when combined, can automate a wider range of processes and systems than either type of solution individually. Together, they enable more efficient processes that lower costs and enhance quality.”

Complementary offerings

“For Oakwood, the acquisition means that we can continue to meet rapidly growing demand,” comments co-founder van Eijk. “Moreover, Oakwood and Netcall are complementary. We stand strong in all things RPA, while Netcall has a solid track record in various other automation technologies. They also have many UK customers in the healthcare industry and public sector, which offers great potential.”

“Through the addition of AI-powered RPA to our Liberty platform, we are creating a one-stop shop for process automation and customer engagement, blending low-code, RPA, chatbots, digital messaging and contact center solutions,” adds Henrik Bang, CEO of Netcall. “This powerful combination will provide businesses with a comprehensive digital transformation toolkit.”

More info

Reported by
newspaper De Tijd, website Netcall
16 November 2020

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