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Nanotech hub imec (Flanders) takes the lead in EU Chips Act

One of Flanders’ strategic research centers, imec will play a central role in Europe’s ambitions to become a world player in the field of innovative chip technology. The digital and nanotech pioneer will receive at least EUR 1 billion in European funding to backbone the EU’s recently presented Chips Act, which seeks to boost the continent’s competitiveness when it comes to micro- and nanochips.

Ambitious chips plans

To firmly position Europe as a world player in semiconductors by 2030: that’s the goal pursued by the European Commission with the Chips Act. Headquartered in Leuven (Flanders), strategic research center imec is at the heart of the ambitious European chip plans. Together with French research institute CEA-Leti and Germany’s Fraunhofer Society, it will join a European research consortium.

Prototypes and test lines

As part of the consortium, imec will not only continue to drive innovation towards obtaining the very smallest, most powerful and most economical chips. It will also invest in new test lines with which complete products can be made.

The goal is to make prototypes with which we demonstrate our chip technology. The industry can then use these for their own purposes.

Luc Van den hove
CEO of imec

To launch the new test lines, imec can count on EUR 1 billion to EUR 1.5 billion in funding. 

World leader

Today, imec is already known as a world leader in the development of extremely small yet powerful semiconductors. The strategic research center is not in it alone, though. It works closely with and for top companies from all around the globe as a pivotal actor in the worldwide chip chain. Becoming a central player in the European chips plans only adds to its dynamic track record. 

In addition to its international partnerships, imec is also involved in the development of specific chips tailored to the needs of the industry of tomorrow. In total, the EU is earmarking EUR 6 billion for such test and design lines. This is supplemented by contributions from member states that participate in the consortium and from the European Investment Bank. 

Learn more about Flanders’ top-notch nanotech ecosystem. 
Meet imec, Flanders’ strategic research center for nanotech and digital innovation. 

Reported by
newspaper De Tijd
9 February 2022

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