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Nabtesco (Japan) acquires packaging tech innovator Engilico

After years of successful collaboration, Nabtesco Group acquired Flanders-based Engilico, a leading provider of seal inspection technology for global food, pet care and other industries where sealing integrity is key. The latter sees the acquisition as an open door to a global presence, while the Japanese engineering giant Nabtesco is now able to offer its clients enhanced automation solutions.

Engilico, a leading Flanders-based provider of seal inspection technology for food and pet food packaging.

No strangers

Engilico and PACRAFT, a Nabtesco subsidiary that manufactures packaging machinery, have been strengthening their ties since 2016. In that year, PACRAFT first introduced SealScope to selected Japanese customers. The unique in-line seal inspection and process monitoring system for flexible packages was an instant hit.

HyperScope, the newest offering with advanced camera image processing technology to detect foreign materials and contamination in the sealing area of rigid packages, was met with an equally warm response. So, an intensified partnership was in the cards.

New horizons

Exactly 10 years after launching the company, Olivier Georis, Managing Director of Engilico, considers the acquisition to be a new start: “Operating under the wings of PACRAFT will allow us to establish a global presence for our innovative inspection technologies in the food and pet food industries.”

“We are looking forward to cooperating with PACRAFT to further refine our seal inspection technology, to the benefit of both our current and future customers.”
Peter Nijs, co-founder and CTO of Engilico

Tech from Flanders to stand out

The complementarity of both companies is also praised by Akiyoshi Kitamura, President of PACRAFT. “We welcome Engilico into our group,” he says. “Together, we’ll offer enhanced automation solutions to our clients through the combination of packaging and in-line inspection technologies.” In short, through PACRAFT, the listed Nabtesco Group plans to leverage the acquisition of the packaging tech player from Flanders to boost its innovative offering.

“Engilico’s packaging technology complements our own high-speed automatic fill and seal machines.”
Akiyoshi Kitamura, President, PACRAFT

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Reported by
De Tijd newspaper
28 October 2021

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