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Lidl (Germany) to build new sustainable DC in Flanders

Partners in sustainable distribution! The Lidl Group and Flanders-based logistics real estate specialist Heylen Warehouses are teaming up to build the German supermarket chain’s most sustainable distribution center in Flanders. The new logistics facility will be situated in the town of Herentals on the old Henrad site, owned by Molenwater Group and Heylen Group since 2016. It is already the sixth distribution center for the smart discounter in Belgium, of which Flanders is the northern region, and will create some 230 new jobs.

‘BREEAMing’ with sustainability

By investing in the new distribution center, Lidl seeks to continue its expansion plans as a smart discounter in Belgium and Flanders as a region, thus anticipating the market of tomorrow. The logistics hub in Herentals will be built according to the BREEAM Outstanding standards, which ensures that this will be one of the most sustainable distribution centers in Belgium.

This is achieved through energy-efficient installations, minimal water consumption, excellent waste management and minimization of noise, light pollution and impact on the environment. The use of daylight, appropriate lighting, ventilation, pleasant climate control and acoustics creates a healthy and productive working environment with maximum comfort.

All cooling installations at the site will rely on natural refrigerants which cause no emissions, in contrast to most existing cooling gases. Moreover, the logistics hall and office spaces are fully heated thanks to the heat recovery from these cooling installations. On the roof, we are installing 15,000 m² of solar panels that will also power the charging infrastructure for e-cars and e-bikes, among other things.

Boudewijn van den Brand
CEO of Lidl Belgium & Luxembourg

In the right spot

The location for the new site is considered beneficial as well:

The Henrad site is close to the E313 highway and can therefore be an important hub for transport and distribution. Everyone in Herentals knows the location and its historical importance for our city. Now we can give this place another important role in our urban fabric.

Pascal Van Nueten
Herentals alderman

Growth and employment boost

The path of Lidl in Belgium and Flanders is one of steady growth. Boudewijn van den Brand, CEO of Lidl Belgium & Luxembourg: “Year after year, we open new branches and recruit new people. This new distribution center in Herentals is necessary to keep our stores supplied with fresh products on a daily basis. In this way, together with the city of Herentals, we continue to build on our sustainable future.”

The arrival of the new distribution center also means a considerable increase in employment in the region around Herentals (Flanders). The distribution center will create some 230 new jobs, of which 200 are in logistics activities and 30 in supporting services such as HR, sales and IT.

The city council of Herentals is pleased with this planned sustainable investment in our society. We are convinced that this offers real added value for our city. Moreover, it is also an important factor for employment here.

Mien Van Olmen
mayor of Herentals

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28 July 2021

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