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'Leuven-Security Excellence Consortium' officially launched

The University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven), Banksys, Cryptomathic, Data4s, HyperTrust, Telindus, Ubizen and Utimaco Safeware, complemented by PricewaterhouseCoopers as sponsoring member, announce the foundation of the nonprofit network organisation Leuven-Security Excellence Consortium (L-SEC). By joining forces and setting-up a knowledge exchange programme, the members aim to strengthen their own innovativeness and promote Leuven and Belgium as an international centre of excellence for e-security. The objective of the consortium is to create a pool of complementary expertise, technology and services accessible not only to experts and suppliers of technology, but also to the users of e-security solutions.

This initiative promotes the unique international clustering of e-security expertise and technology in the Flanders region of Belgium, more specifically centred around the university city of Leuven. Exploiting the complementary nature of the members enables them to strengthen their international position and maximise their technological status. Through specialised seminars and workshops, conferences and publications, the members will exchange their expertise and vision of future developments. This will be complemented by the setting-up of joint collaboration projects.

The focus is not only on e-security solution providers, but also on organisations and individuals who need to employ such technology. This implies that attention is also paid to social and legal frameworks in addition to the more technological aspects. All these issues will be covered at the official launch taking place in Leuven on March 12th, 2002. The event will take as its theme: “e-security challenges for the 21st Century”.

The foundation of L-SEC is the result of the exceptionally dynamic approach to knowledge creation and transfer within the Leuven region, in the University itself, at the interuniversity microelectronics centre (IMEC), through other technology clusters such as DPS-valley and through a specific network for the support of hightech entrepreneurship: Leuven.Inc. In the area of e-security, Flanders, and in particular the university city of Leuven and its environs, has engendered a great deal of international attention over the last year thanks to the selection of the Rijndael algorithm as the new “Advanced Encryption Standard”, the new US government standard that was published in November 2001.

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1 February 2002

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