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KU Leuven (Flanders) maintains 42nd place in world ranking

For the second year in a row, one of Flanders’ universities – KU Leuven – came in at number 42 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The university performed well on all four determining parameters and managed to trump its own top scores for ‘education’ and ‘valorization’. In addition to KU Leuven, two of Flanders’ other universities also did well in the ranking: UGent made the top 100 in 96th place while UAntwerpen came in at number 143.

One of the greats

Founded in 1425, KU Leuven is one of the oldest and most renowned research universities in Europe. Its excellent performance has been echoed in international scoreboards time and time again. 

This year, KU Leuven claims 42nd place in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings – often considered one of the most widely observed university rankings – retaining its same position among the world’s top 50 universities as last year. As such, KU Leuven also remains the highest-ranking of Flanders’ top-notch universities.

This brilliant recognition proves once again that KU Leuven holds a strong position both in Belgium and abroad and is counted among the leading European universities.

Luc Sels
rector of KU Leuven

Continuous advancements

Times Higher Education magazine builds its ranking based on four parameters:

  • education
  • research
  • internationalization
  • valorization 

Results regarding education and research are the most decisive, as these two parameters combined account for 90% of the scores. As it did last year, KU Leuven further improved its performance in education. Its high-standing research was also recognized with outstanding scores, especially as regards research funding and the number of scientific publications per researcher.

The remaining 10% of the scores are determined by the reviewed universities’ international character (7.5%) and valorization of research or industry income (2.5%). For this last parameter, KU Leuven received its highest scores ever, catapulting the Flanders-based university to the 19th place for valorization in the international ranking.

Europe’s most innovative university

KU Leuven – like other universities in Flanders – is also celebrated for its high standards by other prominent organizations, claiming 76th place in the 2022 QS World University Rankings and 87th place in the 2021 Shanghai Ranking.

On top of that, KU Leuven has headed Reuters’ list of Europe’s most innovative universities since 2016. In its worldwide equivalent, the university currently holds an impressive 7th place.

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KU Leuven
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4 November 2022

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