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INEOS (UK) to amp up green hydrogen production in Flanders

The future is green… hydrogen! After all, the substance is one of the building blocks for sustainable power generation, transportation, and more. To produce it, you need electrolysis – a technology in which INEOS takes the lead. In fact, the British chemical company is Europe’s largest existing operator of electrolysis. What’s more, it has extensive experience in hydrogen storage and treatment. But it doesn’t stop there. In the coming years, INEOS is investing EUR 2 billion to boost its production of carbon-free, green hydrogen across Europe – Flanders included!

Green hydrogen production

A hydrogen state of mind

It’s clear that green hydrogen is serious business at INEOS. In November 2020, the company launched a new business line as part of its INOVYN subsidiary. The main goal? To develop and build green hydrogen capacity across Europe and support the drive toward a carbon-free future. This hydrogen division aims to build capacity to produce hydrogen across INEOS’ network of European sites, as well as partner sites where hydrogen can accelerate decarbonization.

Even more, INEOS also plans to work closely with European governments. In doing so, it seeks to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in place to realize the potential of hydrogen in the new green economy.

“Hydrogen is an important part of a climate-neutral economy. It can be increasingly used for carbon-free transport as well as industrial and domestic applications. Here, INEOS is in a unique position to support new opportunities, driven by the emerging demand for affordable carbon-free energy sources.”
Wouter Bleukx, Business Director at INOVYN

Hydrogen plants in the making

With the recent announcement of EUR 2 billion worth of new projects, INEOS is signing up for Europe’s largest investment in green hydrogen. Across the continent, this offers great potential to transform carbon-free hydrogen production – and that’s putting things lightly. The first hydrogen production sites will be built in Norway, Germany, and Flanders over the next 10 years. But INEOS also plans similar investments in other European markets.

Learn more about sustainable and environmental technology in Flanders.

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25 November 2021

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