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Imec.xpand (Flanders) raises EUR 150 million for deep tech

Imec.xpand, the investment fund of Flanders’ strategic research center for digital and nanotech imec, has raised EUR 150 million in a new capital round. With this success, the fund is well on its way to become one of the world’s most promising early-stage funds in the field of semiconductor innovation. “We are bringing all ingredients together to create a breeding ground for the unicorns of tomorrow,” says Luc Van den hove, CEO of imec, to explain the fundraising success.

Sometimes all it takes is a little push

Imec is a world-class research and innovation hub in the field of nanoelectronics and digital technology. It is one of Flanders’ four leading strategic research centers. Together with imec, imec.xpand has changed the global early-stage deep tech venture capital landscape as we know it. The fund invests in ambitious tech start-ups, who in turn rely on the knowledge, expertise, network and/or infrastructure of imec. The investments of imec.xpand often open doors for additional funding from other investors.

Our partnership with imec.xpand helps us to bring breakthrough imec innovations to the market through venturing.

Luc Van den hove
CEO of imec

Among the world’s best

Today, imec.xpand is ranked amongst the top 5% most promising early-stage funds in the world. Recent successful capital rounds in PsiQuantum, Spectricity, Celestial AI, Fabric8labs and Axelera AI all highlighted the enormous potential of those innovative semiconductor companies.

After a successful first capital injection by KPN, PMV and Belfius, this fundraising is the next step toward the target of EUR 250 million. According to Tom Vanhoutte, partner at imec.xpand, reaching this symbolic mark would solidify imec.xpand as a major player in the deep tech venture capital ecosystem.

Celebrated for its unique approach

The fruitful first closing of imec.xpand II demonstrates the value of the fund’s winning formula, giving entrepreneurs access to advanced infrastructure, expertise and growth capital. “Our unique partnership with imec, our outspoken international approach and our ability to raise large rounds of financing in the early stages of development are widely recognized as success drivers for ambitious semiconductor start-ups,” concludes Tom Vanhoutte.

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press release imec
4 May 2022

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