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Imec.istart (Flanders) attracts international start-ups

Imec – Flanders’ strategic research center for nanotech and digital innovation – has selected 9 new tech startups for its renowned imec.istart business program. As in previous years, an even greater number of international start-ups signed up for the program, a decision which often also prompts these promising young companies to establish branches in Flanders. This adds to the creation of jobs, productivity and economic growth in the region. 

imec headquarter in Leuven, Belgium

A variety of fields

The newly selected startups commercialize very different products. JUCE+, for instance, offers an ingenious ‘assistant’ to ensure that meetings run smoothly and efficiently. There’s also ProteoFormiX, which focuses on a smart method for developing biomarkers that can help identify diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's more quickly and more accurately. LiNGUiNEO, on the other hand, assists people in learning languages with a voicebot, while KUUB³ helps companies set up fast and inexpensive satellite communication in remote areas. Other examples are BrighterBins, a smart waste management solution for cities and towns, and Arkane, a middleware solution that enables plug-and-play blockchain integrations.

New international faces

International newcomers in the imec.istart pogram are LevelUP Sports, Firmalyzer and Asylia Diagnostics. These start-ups commercialize an app for sports coaches to better visualize and analyze competitions, an innovative platform to detect the safety risks of IoT devices, and a digital platform that helps doctors to choose the right cancer therapy for a patient, respectively.

Program manager Sven De Cleyn: “The fact that international start-ups are signing up indicates that imec.istart continues to gain international recognition as a business acceleration program. Our international network is an important asset in this respect. It provides start-ups with access to and insights into international markets, legislation and more. This kind of expertise is crucial to the international success of these start-ups.”

About imec.istart

The imec.istart business acceleration program supports (international) entrepreneurs with the early development of their tech start-ups for at least 1 year. During this period, the imec research centers helps assess the feasibility of a business proof-of-concept and prepare the commercial launch. Program participants gain access to:

  • 12 months of tailored coaching and EUR 50,000 of funding;
  • access to imec technology, services and expertise;
  • support in finding additional funding opportunities;
  • a network of over 170 start-ups...

Find out more about digital innovation and nanotechnology in Flanders.

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14 October 2019

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