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ICO kicks off Flanders’ largest onshore wind farm project

In February 2021, 11 new wind turbines began operating at the Port of Zeebrugge in Flanders. The turbines are located on the site of a finished-vehicle logistics terminal that is owned and operated by International Car Operators (ICO), a subsidiary of Nippon Yūsen Kabushiki Kaisha, a Japanese shipping company also known as NYK Line. The new installation represents Flanders’ largest onshore wind farm project to date.

Joint venture

To operate the wind power generation business at the finished-vehicle logistics terminal in Zeebrugge, ICO has established a joint venture with Portfineco, a subsidiary of the Port of Zeebrugge, and ENGIE, an electric utility company and worldwide reference in carbon neutral energy and services. The joint venture goes by the name of ICO Windpark NV.

Ambitiously green

Designed and installed with the surrounding environment in mind, the 11 new wind turbine units have a total capacity of 44 MW. This capacity will cover the entire annual power demand of the finished-vehicle logistics terminal, while surplus power will be sold. As such, the project supports ICO’s ambitious growth and sustainability plans. 

ICO not only aims to be the world’s largest ro-ro terminal but also the greenest.

Svein Steimler
chairman of ICO and ICO Windpark

ICO’s green objectives are achieved through a variety of initiatives, including the use of wind turbines, solar panels installed on its pre-delivery inspection (PDI) centers and water recovery systems for the carwash – which can wash 500 cars using only 20 liters of rainwater. Other initiatives include heat pumps for buildings, LED lights for terminal illumination, EV shuttle cars and, at a later stage, cold ironing for ships.

The cherry on the cake: for its ambitious plans and sustainable mindset on Flanders’ soil, ICO was previously nominated for the 2020 Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy, presented by Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT).

Local knowhow goes global

In the future, NYK has plans to leverage the local knowledge cultivated at the Port of Zeebrugge, which is currently merging with the Port of Antwerp under the name ‘Port of Antwerp-Bruges’, at finished-vehicle logistics terminals operated by NYK Group companies around the globe.

ICO operates terminals in both Zeebrugge and Antwerp. Once the merger is completed, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges aims to become the world’s first port to harmonize economy, people and climate priorities. To this end, the two ports have defined a joint plan centered around three strategic priorities: sustainable growth, resilience and energy & digital transition leadership.

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2 March 2021

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