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HubSpot (US) acquires data platform PieSync (Flanders)

Just five years after its foundation, data synchronization platform  PieSync has been acquired by American software firm HubSpot. “We weren’t really looking for a buyer,” explain Ewout Meyns and Mattias Putman, who founded the Flanders-based start-up together. “But HubSpot made us an offer we couldn't refuse. It’s a very good deal for our shareholders and employees.” HubSpot provides the means and marketing tools to accelerate PieSync’s expansion.

PieSync and Hubspot logos


In 2012, Meyns and Putman – two civil engineers specialized in computer science – gave up their jobs at consultancy group CapGemini to build a customer data synchronization platform. More and more corporations are using cloud applications for customer management, marketing and accounting. While these departments often use the same data, they do not always succeed in communicating effectively with each other. PieSync has been solving this problem since 2014 with its plug-and-play platform, which does not require any technical knowledge on the part of users.

The platform synchronizes no fewer than 200 mail, marketing and accounting applications – such as Google Contacts, Outlook and iCloud, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Active Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics. PieSync detects potential conflicts in contact details and helps a company’s sales, marketing and customer service departments work and collaborate more efficiently.

Gap in the market

Since its establishment in 2014, PieSync has already gained 3000 customers in 50 countries – proving that Meyns and Putman, both from the city of Ghent (Flanders), have found a gap in the market. Most of these clients are SMEs that lack the financial means to develop their own data solutions.

“G2 Crowd, which is the TripAdvisor of software programs, so to speak, ranks PieSync first over all integration platforms,” adds Meyns, “in front of software giants such as Salesforce, IBM and Amazon. Our top score was based on feedback from 2000 customers and has definitely impressed HubSpot.”

Fully fledged branch

PieSync will become a fully fledged Hubspot branch, alongside the American company’s other European branches in Paris, Berlin and Dublin. PieSynyc founders Meyns and Putman and their employees will all remain on board.

More info

Reported by
De Tijd newspaper
12 November 2019

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HubSpot (US) acquires data platform PieSync (Flanders)


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