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How Hyundai CE reaches Europe through Flanders

Anyone driving along the E313 highway in Limburg, Flanders in 2017 will have noticed the construction of a vast complex. Here, South Korean construction equipment heavyweight Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe erected its new European HQ in 2017. The multifunctional building is equipped for the future.

Exponential growth

Most people know Hyundai as ‘the car brand with the slanted H logo’. But through its many business divisions, the company is also active in shipbuilding, green energy, robotics, hydraulic engineering and more. Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe specializes in industrial applications such as construction equipment and forklifts. In 2017, the European branch of the Hyundai Construction Equipment subsidiary opened its new HQ in Tessenderlo, Flanders—completing an investment of EUR 30 million.

“Here to stay”

The new complex includes a three-story office building with a surface area of 5,400m2, a 13,000m2 warehouse, a European training center called the Hyundai Academy, an event hall and a showroom. There is also ample space for expansion: 81,000m2 of undeveloped land on site will enable the company to double its warehouse capacity when necessary.

The new HQ plays a key role in the firm’s long-term strategy of international growth. “Our choice of Flanders is a clear signal to the market: ‘we’re here and we’re here to stay’,” says Johan Thiels, director of administration at Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe.

The inauguration of the building took place in October 2017 and was well attended by local government officials and Hyundai’s European partners. Acknowledging the strategic importance of the investment, Hyundai’s senior management team flew in from Korea, and many local government officials were present as well.

“Our choice of Flanders is a clear signal to the market: we’re here and we’re here to stay.” – Johan Thiels, director of administration, Hyundai CE Europe.

Johan Thiels
Director of administration, Hyundai CE Europe

Johan Thiels

Continued growth in and from Flanders

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe has been active in Flanders since 1995. Its European distribution center for construction equipment was first located in Geel. When continued growth rendered the site too small, Hyundai’s management decided to move to a new location in Tessenderlo in 2014. Highlighting its dedication to Flanders, Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe was nominated for Flanders Investment & Trade’s Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy in 2018.

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Hyundai CEE
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Flanders Investment & Trade
11 January 2019

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