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Hitachi Capital (Japan) acquires Mobilease (Flanders)

Japanese company Hitachi Capital will become the new main shareholder of Flanders-based leasing expert Mobilease. Hitachi Capital will acquire 100% of the share capital, including the shares held by the local Duran family, best known for their Peugeot and Citroën garages in the provinces of East and West Flanders.

Car fleet

Attracting attention

Mobilease was founded in Waregem in 2016. It offers full operating leases with services for small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers. In addition, Mobilease has developed novel mobility services such as ‘Mobi360’.

In 2018, the leasing firm was nominated as most promising SME of the year by UNIZO West Flanders. The accompanying campaign attracted the attention of Hitachi Capital, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing leasing firms. It manages a portfolio of some 240,000 leased vehicles, almost 100,000 of which are in Europe.

MaaS potential

Thanks to the acquisition, Mobilease gains a solid future and access to new mobility modes. In a press release, its new Japanese parent company explains that Flanders, being situated at the political heart of the European Union, is a key location for its European expansion ambitions.

“In addition, there is strong governmental support for alternatives to commuting by car, including recently announced grants for mobility projects,” Hitachi Capital’s press release states. “This offers high potential for Mobility as a Service. With this in mind, acquiring Mobilease is a strategic decision that provides an excellent platform for growth and further development of our mobility solutions.”


The brand name Mobilease will be retained for the time being. Managing Director Kristof De Backer will remain at the helm of the business and take care of the day-to-day management. “A global player like Hitachi Capital doesn’t come knocking at your door every day,” comments De Backer. “We simply could not ignore a future-oriented opportunity like this.”

For its feasibility study on the acquisition of Mobilease, it was crucial for Hitachi Capital to gain insights into the Belgian mobility market, including the aspect of government support. At Flanders Investment & Trade, we were honored to supply the Japanese company with all the information it required to make a strategic decision.

Dirk De Ruyver
Economic representative for Flanders in Tokyo

Dirk De Ruyver

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5 November 2019

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