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Gymshark (UK) ships millions of sports items from Flanders

Gymshark, a British brand of fashionable fitness clothing and accessories, has signed a collaboration agreement with logistics company Bleckmann in Grobbendonk, Flanders. The deal will result in 150 permanent new jobs and an additional 400 during peak times.

Big name

From its site in Flanders, Bleckmann already works for several renowned fashion industry players, including JBC, Superdry and Vilbrequin. Every time you purchase items from these brands’ online stores, Bleckmann delivers them to your doorstep. Through the agreement with Gymshark, the logistics company adds another big name to its client portfolio.

“Anyone who goes to a gym probably knows the brand Gymshark,” says Tom Leunckens, site manager at Bleckmann Grobbendonk. “The brand stands for fashionable, high-quality sports clothing that helps you amplify your performance. Gymshark was founded in 2012 and is already the fastest-growing company in the UK. Its turnover has been growing by a staggering 200% every year. At our Flanders-based Bleckmann site, we recently started shipping Gymshark items to every corner of the world. Only orders for the British market are handled by the Bleckmann site in Swindon.”

Location and flexibility

This year, Bleckmann Grobbendonk will ship around 6 million items for the British fitness clothing brand. In 2019, that number will possibly rise to 11 million. “Location is key,” says Ben Francis, founder of Gymshark. “From Grobbendonk in Flanders, we can easily reach the entire European continent. In addition, Bleckmann is a very flexible partner to work with, especially during peak times such as Black Friday. They always manage to gather enough temporary workers to handle a sudden increase in purchases.”

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12 November 2018

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