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Government simplifies administrative tasks for business

The Belgian Federal Government has simplified administrative tasks for businesses, non-profit organizations and self-employed people through the creation of a “Crossroads Bank for Enterprises” and the establishment of 10 “Enterprise Offices”.

The bank, operating within the Federal Ministry of the Economy, Small and Medium Sized Businesses, the Self-Employed and Energy, will act as a registry and database for companies and people who are setting up or have already established their own businesses.

Each business will be given a unique identification number linked to the database at the bank. This will mean that businesses will no longer have to complete the same formalities several times, each time for a different government department. Exchange of information between the departments will take place via the bank.

For companies or people already registered for VAT (valued-added tax), the ID number will be their VAT registration number with a zero placed in front. Use of the number in all dealings with the Federal Government will become compulsory on January 1, 2005.

The 10 Enterprise Offices have been established as private, non-profit organizations that are recognized by the Federal Government. The major tasks of these offices are to register businesses and trades-people with the bank, to oversee any permits necessary for the business activity, and to offer advice and provide associated services at the request of the client. The offices will be able to charge a standard fee for certain tasks, and will also be able to charge for any associated services requested by the client.

In addition to the 10 offices, there are some 200 local contact points.

The Enterprise Offices will mean that communication between federal departments and business is simplified, faster and more efficient.

Enterprise Offices:

GO START - Securex Ondernemingsloket -, ++32 2 729 92 11.

PARTENA - Ondernemingsloket -, ++32 2 549 73 00.

FORMALIS - Ondernemingsloket –, ++32 2 545 58 00.

HDP - Ondernemingsloket –, ++32 9 282 13 21.

UCM - Guichet d’Entreprises –, ++32 2 743 83 90.

Loket van de Kamers van Handel en Nijverheid –, +32 2 209 05 50 or ++32 2 648 50 02.

BIZ - Ondernemingsloket –, ++32 78 15 25 20.

ACERTA - Ondernemingsloket –, ++32 3 740 78 78.

KMO Direct –, ++32 50 47 44 82.

EUNOMIA –, ++32 50 40 65 80.


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22 September 2003

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